27 August 2010

groom's cakes mania!

there is a long history of groom's cakes, but now it's all in fun! :) i love this custom, groom-styled part of the wedding, it really gets your guy involved & excited. 

does he never get off of that video game? here's some ideas for your gamer! there's even xbox & wii cakes.
don't you just looove this idea? it's awesomely hilarious!

here's for the muscle car lovers! you can customize it to whichever car you have/love! i think this is one of my favies. ♥ 
john deere & ups! these are great if your guy has a work vehicle. 
does he love music? make it a record, guitar, ghetto blaster, whatever!
ohh, you saw this one coming! for the superhero comic lovers, this is a great idea!
firemen have a lot to choose from, like firetrucks & burning buildings, even their helmet!
does he love poker? this would be totally rad. :)
pool, too! 
his favorite team!! baseball, football, hockey, whatever!
& is he obsessed with his iphone/ipod touch? this would be awesome & you can customize the icons! :)

so many great ideas, & there's so much more! you can make the cake whatever you'd like, & if you need any help deciding on what cake to go with, contact me! these are available. :)

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  1. these cakes are super cool, i love how personal they can be! it's so nice to actually give the groom something to pick out! hah! :)