22 September 2010

personalized wedding bands rock!

i absolutely love these personalized handstamped rings from tinahdee's etsy shop!! 
they make me ultrahappy! this would add so much to your day! 
(even if you just had your rings engraved!)

this set is awesome! they are personalized with your choice of words! 
i love the stackable set, they add something to the band! 
& this white gold one i am drooling over!♥ it big time!

girls, if you already have your stone, you can totally still rock it! just wear both! who said they have to be matching? rules were made to be broken! :)
 (ps, i am totally freaking out about this jcrew dress pictured, i love it so much!!)
jennifer sosa 

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  1. I love these! I would definitely want something like this for my ring. I love when people take all aspects of their wedding and personalize it. Thanks for putting all the pretty stuff in one place for us wedding freaks! :)