17 September 2010

what's under your wedding dress?? it matters!

i am so excited to share this post with you! tulle, tights, & garters! this is where your own personal bride-style can burst out, without being too out there! i will be making another post about shoes, because as we all know,
 shoes are super important & in a league of their own! :) :)

check out this freakin' awesome multi-colored tulle!
 this will rock your wedding if you decide to do this!
aaron delesie
some more colored tulle, which, of course, you could have any color! 
carla fedje

tights! colored tights, patterned tights, printed tights, textured tights,  love them all!!
 (& i stinkin' love her garter & boots, too! droooolllll)

anna hardy
printed tights make me happy!!!
ben blood
these lovely red tights are bomb! they are super eye catching & would totally make your day.
the leekers
for a more classy look, there is also white patterned tights!! :) those are also super lovely &
still make me happy.
uk cosmo
uk cosmo
nelly suleymanova
now for florrie mitton couture's garters! they are my absolute favies! i think they’re absolutely perfect for a vintage style wedding or for anyone looking for a way to feel more glamorous! & i love how they feel nostalgic and romantic but also have a timeless beauty about them. :) check out all of the gorgeous pieces on her Etsy shop
(stop with the 80's prom garters! they are so ugly & dated!)
florrie mitton

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  1. I love the multicolored tulle and am currently looking for something similar for my wedding! Any idea where the bride got hers?