01 September 2010

trains & planes & automobiles!

on your wedding day, you always need some type of transportation! whether it's your car, motorcycle, bike, moped, scooter, skateboard, or your uncle's old truck, it will add so much!! the rarer the car, the better! :)
(all pictures by madeulookphotography unless said otherwise)

this camaro is super fine! :) muscle cars are always, always awesome! 
you know i love volkswagens!! :)
vintage will always add so much to your special day, or even your engagements!
this bentley is available! contact me! :)
looove this taxi!
these rockers & their rambler are bomb-diggity! 
these two are so dang cute! you can always bring your rad bikes to spice it up!
horses! they are so classic, & so boho/indie, too! i them!
motorcycles are swass! & this triumph, lovelovelove!! 
me being a volkswagen driver/lover, i had to post one more volkswagen .they are so cute! ♥ 
even trains count! if there are railroad tracks nearby, go for it!
planes! i know this is pretty steep, but it works if you love traveling & if you guys are pilots! 
& especially if you have access to one, use it!

get ready for my next post: what's under your dress?? it matters!

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